About Us

I am a young man on the autism spectrum – very high-functioning autism and my goal is to support myself with my baking.

I went through school taking all regular courses and graduated with high marks. When I was little I always had stomach pains and thought that was normal. Then, when I was nine, my parents put me on a gluten-free/dairy-free diet. When they asked me if I felt any different I said, “My tummy doesn’t hurt anymore”. That was the beginning of our gf/df journey. There wasn’t much available for me to eat so my mother had to bake things for me. Anything you could buy in stores tasted like cardboard. Eventually I started to bake my own “treats” and realized I enjoyed baking and the results of my efforts.

For people with autism finding employment is difficult to say the least, so I started letting people know about my baking because more and more people are eating gluten-free. I enjoy finding and innovating recipes for people following that diet.

I love what I do and it is challenging and rewarding to be an entrepreneur.

I look forward to baking for you!!!

Ith gu leoir!